Vision And Mission

Our Vision

A global catalyst promoting and advocating for conservation of natural and cultural heritage, fostering positive action and exchange to create a harmonious relationship between people and the environment.

Our Mission

To facilitate transformative action in conservation, sustainability, and community well-being through environmental education, multidisciplinary research, and collaboration, empowering individuals, communities, institutions and policymakers to create a sustainable and resilient future.

Our Philosophy

The Shillim Institute represents a philosophy of living harmoniously with nature. Through carefulconservation, sustainable stewardship, and restorative practices like reforestation, the Shillim Institutenurturesits environment, aiming to instill a senseof global responsibility towards ecological sustainability as well.Weavingphilosophical, spiritual, and artistic insights of the past with modernpractices, the Shillim Instituteisa sanctuaryfor holistic well-being, set againsta backdrop of extraordinary wilderness. It provides a place for collective learning and growth, grounded in care and respect.