Get Involved

There are numerous ways to engage with the Shillim Institute


Join forces with us to enact change. We welcome like-minded individuals as interns and volunteers for our on-the-ground initiatives, which are scheduled throughout the year.

Invest in the Next Generation of Conservation Leaders

Support research and empower the next generation of conservation leaders. Every year, the Shillim Institute invites research fellows to work with us in the Western Ghats. Your contribution fuels data collection, fosters interdisciplinary collaboration, and aids in developing sustainable solutions to address pressing environmental challenges.

Support Our Ongoing Projects

Join us by sponsoring the projects and programs that will transform landscapes, empower communities, protect biodiversity, and create a sustainable future.

Be a Philanthropic Partner

Join us as a philanthropic partner and use your skills, resources, and passion to help Shillim create positive change in our communities and the environment. 

Consider a Strategic Endowment

Make a lasting impact by contributing to our strategic endowment. Your investment offers Shillim the financial stability needed to pursue our mission for years to come, supporting our values and making a significant difference.

Provide Infrastructural Support

Assist us in transforming the future of our planet by supporting our infrastructure improvements. By doing so, you will empower our researchers and practitioners to conduct groundbreaking research, pioneer revolutionary conservation initiatives, and advance sustainable development.


The Institute offers various Residency opportunities:  Internships, Artistic and Scholarly Research, Collaborative Projects, and Organizational Partnerships. These opportunities are nomination-based. We are currently not accepting applications.