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Shillim Collective

The Shillim Collective, a program I partnership with ‘One Landscape’ initiated in 2023 aims to pilot new approaches to  conservation through workshops and residences at the Shillim Institute and Retreat in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra,  India. The collective plans to create a roadmap for the conservation of this unique landscape by bringing together  conservationists, policy-makers, communities, artists, and scientists to collaborate on an action plan and projects that express  the nature of the place. The goal is to protect the natural, social, and cultural heritage of the Greater Shillim landscape while  encouraging responsible growth and development for all stakeholders.

In last few months we have conducted multiple multi-disciplinary dialogues and created a pipeline of national and  international artists and experts to visit Shillim and be part of the Shillim collective program.

Shillim Collective

Carbon sequestration in forests is a wonderful way to help our planet fight against climate change. It means that trees and other plants use their amazing power of photosynthesis to take carbon dioxide out of the air and store it in their tissues and the soil. This reduces the amount of greenhouse gases that trap heat and warm up the Earth. Forests are like natural factories producing oxygen and storing carbon, making the air cleaner and fresher. Protecting and restoring forests can increase their ability to sequester more carbon and slow global warming.

Shillim Collective Research- Anthropology Study

An anthropological study is underway to investigate the socio- economic conditions and culture of the communities in the Greater Shillim Landscape. It aims to understand their social structures, economic activities, and cultural practices. Through ethnographic methods like participant observation and interviews, researchers will explore livelihood patterns, social hierarchies, traditional knowledge, and cultural traditions, including art, music, dance, festivals and rituals.

Shillim Collective Research - Psyco-Socio Analysis Study

A psychosocial analysis study is also under planning. The study aims to understand the complex interactions between psychological factors and social dynamics within a specific context. By examining the interplay between individual experiences, social structures, and cultural norms, researchers gain insights into the psychological and social processes that shape behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes. The findings from the psychosocial analysis study will contribute to a deeper understanding of the intricate connections between the individual and the society and their environment , informing interventions and strategies that promote well-being, resilience, and social change.

Shillim Collective Research- Ecosystem Service Valuation

Ecosystem service valuation study is under planning. This study estimates and quantifies the economic and societal benefits provided by ecosystems. It assigns monetary values to services provided by ecosystems in the landscape, like clean air, water purification, pollination, and climate regulation. This approach informs decision-making, prioritizes conservation efforts, and promotes sustainable resource management. It underscores the interdependence between human well-being and ecosystem health, emphasizing the need for nature conservation and restoration to benefit both society and the environment.

The Shillim Institute has planted more than 110,000 native trees and conserved over a million in the Shillim area since 1999.


Shillim Institute —
The Shillim Estate
Village Shillimb, Pawana Nagar
Taluka Maval, Pune
Maharashtra – 410 406, India

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