Empowering local communities and forging global networks to restore ecological balance

Empowering local communities and forging global networks to restore ecological balance


A Transformative Vision for a Sustainable Future

Situated in the heart of the Western Ghats, the Shillim Institute advances sustainable development by honouring the relationship between humans and the environment and developing programs for students, the community, and policymakers. The Institute is a hub for research, education, and community development.


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our key focus area

Eco-Restoration & Conservation

Safeguarding Shillim's natural splendor through collaborative efforts in the heart of the Western Ghats.

Community Development

Fostering resilience and empowerment in Shillim's villages through community-driven initiatives.

Green Squad

Cultivating champions of nature among our children, acting collectively for a greener tomorrow.

Shillim Collective

Inspiring creativity, fostering collaboration, and safeguarding our shared environment.

A global catalyst promoting and advocating for conservation of natural and cultural heritage, fostering positive action and exchange to create a harmonious relationship between people and the environment.

To facilitate transformative action in conservation, sustainability, and community well-being through environmental education, multidisciplinary research, and collaboration, empowering individuals, communities, institutions and policymakers to create a sustainable and resilient future.

The Shillim Institute represents a philosophy of living harmoniously with nature. Through carefulconservation, sustainable stewardship, and restorative practices.

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